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2011 Summer Specialist Meeting

2011 Summer Specialist Meeting  Mapping Ideas: Discovering and Information Landscape

Download the Final Meeting Report HERE (pdf)

San Diego State University  5500 Campanile Drive  San Diego, CA 92182 June 29, 30 (Wednesday, Thursday), 2011

A two-day workshop (specialist meeting) at San Diego State University during creates a collaborative environment for scientists to exchange their research findings and agendda in cyber-discovery, semantic web, and information landscape. Our research team will also introduce our major findings in SWARMS and get feedbacks from workshop participants. The feedback from workshop participants will be used to enhance the semantic databases and the visualization methods.


Storm Hall at San Diego State University, San Diego, California, USA.


Wednesday June 29 and Thursday June 30, 2011.

Meeting Details

Agenda: NSF-CDI Specialist Meeting Report

Accomodation: Mission Inn Old Town (formerly Holiday Inn Express Old Town)

Participant List, Bios and Position Papers

Project Personnel

Dr. Ming-Hsiang Tsou, Department of Geography, San Diego State University. (Principle Investigator)

Dr. Dipak Gupta, Department of Political Science, San Diego State University. (Co-PI)

Dr. Jean Mark Gawron, Department of Computational Linguistics, San Diego State University. (Co-PI)

Dr. Brian Spitzberg, School of Communications, San Diego State University. (Co-PI)

Dr. Li An, Department of Geography, San Diego State University. (Senior Personnel)

Funding Agency

National Science Foundation (NSF)

Meeting Structure and Objectives

The spread of ideas in the age of the Internet is a double-edged sword; it can enhance our collective welfare as well as produce forces that can destabilize the world. This specialist meeting aims at understanding the dynamic process by which the impact of a single event or idea disperses throughout the world over time and space. Dramatic events, especially when reported through the new media of cyberspace, have the potential to transform ideas into realities, in ways that can either inform or inflame the public passions. It is possible there are geographic and chronological patterns that coincide to reveal the nature of significant events and the ways in which information about these events is consumed and used by those engaged with such media. This specialist meeting (workshop) is funded by an NSF-CDI project (#1028177, Mapping Cyberspace to Realspace: Visualizing and Understanding the Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Global Diffusion of Ideas and the Spatial Web, The goal of this workshop is to foster the multidisciplinary collaboration in related research disciplines, including geography, linguistics, computer science, political science, and communication.

The two-day workshop (June 29, 30, 2011), organized by San Diego State University, will bring together twelve specialists drawn from the many disciplines with interest in these issues. The workshop will assess the current state of the art, identify and prioritize a research agenda, and begin the development of a research community of collaborating scholars working on these issues. Twelve specialists and scholars will be invited by the NSF project PI (Ming-Hsiang Tsou) and Co-PIs (Dipak Gupta, Jean Mark Gawron, Brian Spitzberg, and Li An). The meeting will include plenary presentations by invited experts, and ample time for small-group discussion of the issues. This workshop will generate a final report published on the project website.

Specific research questions to be addressed in the workshop may include:

  • How to quantify and map space-time changes of idea diffusion?
  • What kinds of geo-locating techniques and visualization tools are appropriate for mapping cyberspace activities and web contents?
  • How to identify the networks of social/radical groups and how their networks changes over time?
  • Moving data-rich tools into theory-rich models—how do we theorize the social functions of information in the web?
  • How can content-driven analysis and social network analysis be fruitfully combined in in social and political classification of websites?

The participants will be invited by the CDI project PI and co-PIs only. The NSF project will cover participants’ travel and lodging costs (but no stipends). Invitees are required to submit a two page resume (bio, NSF style) and a two page position papers for related topics. Each position paper should conform to the following formatting requirements: 1) Arial font type at a size of 10 points or larger; and 2) the margins must be at least one inch on all sides in the letter size.



2011 Summer Specialist Meeting  Mapping Ideas: Discovering and Information Landscape

Participant List

Li An [PDF Document] Bio   [PDF Document] Position Paper Department of Geography  San Diego State University


Steven Corman [PDF Document] Bio   [PDF Document] Position Paper  Hugh Downs School of Human Communication Arizona State University


Dipak Gupta [PDF Document] Bio   [PDF Document] Position Paper  Department of Political Science San Diego State University


Brian Spitzberg [PDF Document] Bio   [PDF Document] Position Paper  Department of Communication San Diego State University


Ming-Hsiang Tsou [PDF Document] Bio   [PDF Document] Position Paper  Department of Geography San Diego State University

Mia Bloom [PDF Document] Bio   [PDF Document] Position Paper Department of Women’s Studies Pennsylvania State University


Jean Marc Gawron [PDF Document] Bio   [PDF Document] Position Paper  Department of Computational Linguistics  San Diego State University


Robert Pontius [PDF Document] Bio   [PDF Document] Position Paper  Department of Geography Clark University


Gary Strong [PDF Document] Bio   [PDF Document] Position Paper  Retired


James Turner [PDF Document] Bio   [PDF Document] Position Paper  Association of Threat Assessment Professionals Institute of Police and Investigative Psychology Alliant International University

Jarret Brachman [PDF Document] Bio   [PDF Document] Position Paper Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute



Bruno Goncalves [PDF Document] Bio   [PDF Document] Position Paper  School of Informatics and Computing Indiana University


Shih-Lung Shaw [PDF Document] Bio   [PDF Document] Position Paper  Department of Geography University of Tennessee


Daniel Sui [PDF Document] Bio   [PDF Document] Position Paper  Department of Geography Ohio State University


Xinyue Ye [PDF Document] Bio   [PDF Document] Position Paper  Center for Regional Development (Department of Commerce EDA University Center) School of Earth, Environment and Society Bowling Green State University

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