Jul 17 2012

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mappingideas.sdsu.edu x Lookbookoutlet Little Black Chiffon Dress

mappingideas.sdsu.edu x Lookbookoutlet Little Black Chiffon Dress – Crew Neckline

This lovely little black chiffon dress inspired by mappingideas.sdsu.edu x lookbookoutlet should be in everyone’s closet! This is the dress which will take you many places, due to the textured fabric and the cut outs along the side of the dress. The crew neckline suggests a classy line and is a great shape for nice jewelry to accent the overall design. The cut out detailing is also a close cut bodycon fit, which means all your gorgeous points on your body will certainly be shown off. The material combination on this chiffon dress is Polyester and Elastane. Due to this combination this lovely little black dress is recommended to be machine washed. This is definitely one addition you need to have in your closet for those little unexpected moments which scream for a little black dress. The dress is black, which means the color pallet is open to you for adding accessories, shoes and a bag or jacket.

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