Dec 18 2012

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One of the ongoing problems of tethering information in cyberspace to activity in realspace is the lack of any conceptual model to integrate these domains that tend to scale in very different ways. In an attempt to provide a heuristic and flexible approach to integrating cyberspace with realspace, a Multilevel Model of Meme Diffusion (M3D) has been developed in association with the MappingIdeas project. It weaves concepts from diffusion of innovations theory, social identity theory, social movement and social network theories, and frame and meme theories. The product is a theoretical framework that can accommodate empirical constructs from the following levels of analysis: (1) the meme, (2) the message source, (3) the social network context(s), (4) the societal context, and (5) the criteria of meme success. The model is predictive, in the sense that it posits a variety of features at each of these five levels that should add variance to the prediction of meme success. The model will be unveiled soon as a project manuscript.

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