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Adult Services Webpage

This is a collaborative Web GIS mapping project between the Del Mar Healthcare Fund at The San Diego Foundation and San Diego State University (SDSU), including the Department of Geography, School of Public Affairs, and the Gerontology Department. Together, we worked to create a multi-functional, Web-based GIS Mapping Tool showing older adult services and demographics in San Diego County. The Web GIS is hosted at the Center for Earth Systems Analysis Research (CESAR) Lab within the Geography Department at SDSU. The Web GIS include dynamic overlay of wide-range of information, including population density, locations and boundaries of service providers, hospital locations, and major public transportation lines.

Each health service provider is able to define and update their service area locations and boundaries by using a password-protected Map Editor. The web-based input method allows agency staff to draw their service locations and boundaries directly on the ArcGIS Server Maps, and then submit the new boundary to the web server for update. By allowing agencies to define their service areas, we can identify gaps in services coverage, and begin to develop strategies to help close such gaps. The successful implementation of the Web GIS will also promote the use of this technology in other social service sectors.

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