The objective of our research is to produce a readily accessible, interactive mapping tool which provides timely and useful information to agencies that provide services to older adults in San Diego County (both non-profit and government. Agencies will utilize the map to collaborate with other service providers, understand which areas lack various services, and develop strategies to reach out to underserved populations.

Year 2 (2012) of the project will focus on increasing health service agency participation, as well enhancing the Web GIS mapping tool. Specific goals are:

Increase Agency Participation

  • Add more service agencies into the participant database
  • Partner with health service agencies to develop an administrative component of using the Web GIS for a student Internship program
  • Develop student-assisted data input protocol for participating agencies

Enhance Web GIS

  • Incorporate 211 datasets into the Web GIS mapping tool
  • Include additional census data in the Web GIS mapping tool, including future population estimations
  • Improve Web GIS user interface design and usability through user testing meetings

Year 1 (2011) of the project was divided into 3 stages designed to foster collaboration between San Diego State University and health service agencies:

Stage 1

  • Distribute user needs questionnaire
  • Create initial older population maps
  • Create web-based service boundary input mechanism

Stage 2

  • Integration and Google Maps API and ArcGIS Server Mapping Services
  • User training workshop for initial prototype

Stage 3

  • User testing and evaluation of final prototype
  • Revise prototype based on further feedback
  • Complete final version of prototype