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GIScience Textbook Project

For iPad

image source: Esri ArcGlobe10.1 Layers:Blue Marble, Cities by Night. Contributed by Cynthia Paloma.

About GIS iBook Prototype


The GIS iBook prototype is constructed with 4 chapters currently. Each chaper includes 3-6 sections to introduce different topics related to GIS.

The latest GIS iBook prototype contains:

  • Chapter 1:Welcome to the Spatial Revolution
  • Chapter 2:Monitoring Natural Disasters and Protecting Our Homes
  • Chapter 3:Magic Mirror: Wander the World through Remote Sensing Data
  • Chapter 4:Internet and Mobile GIS

Go to Download page to get the latest GIS iBook prototype.

Development Source

To develop an iBook for GIScience, this project adopts iBooks Author to edit and author the content of the GIS iBook prototype. Interactive widgets such as Youtube video player, WordSearch, Spot the differences, etc. can be found on Bookry.com. Both iBooks Author and widgets from Bookry.com are free. Other resources can be found on websites listed at resource links (left panel).

Contact us if you have questions about our GIS iBook prototype.

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