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GIScience Textbook Project

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image source: Bird's Eye View map of San Diego (1876). From the Library of Congress.

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October 15, 2014

Dowload Latest GIS iBook Prototype


The latest GIS iBook prototype (v.12) is now available. This new GIS iBook prototype has one more chapter than previous one (v.11).

Download GIS iBook prototype: GIS_0_12.ibooks

How to Download and Read the GIS iBook prototype on Your iPad:

1. Install iBooks App on your iPad (free download from iTune Store).

2. Open a web browser and navigate to this page.

3. Download the latest GIS iBook prototype from our website

(Note: If you already have an older version of the GIS iBook prototype in your iBooks App, please remove it first).

4. Open the downloaded file and select "Open in iBooks"

5. The GIS iBook prototype will be opened in iBooks App.

6. Enjoy!

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