Temporal Map Visualization


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Map showcase works best in Firefox. After each image is displayed first, images will more smootly change

  • Obama Prominence: These geocoded maps result from the keyword search for “Obama,” subtracting a baseline vocabulary search map. That is, a probability-of-use random sample of ordinary English language words are searched for their occurrence and this map is subtracted from the search map for the keyword “Obama.” The result is a representation of how prominent the use of the word “Obama” is relative to ordinary language use in websites.

  • DIFFERENCE MAPS: Difference (or “delta”) maps are based on searching for a given word or phrase (e.g., “Obama”), and locating top web page results that use that phrase. The geographic address of that web page registrant is then mapped. The map coordinates for one phrase (e.g., “Obama”) can then be subtracted from the map for another phrase (e.g., “Romney”), creating a relative difference map, representing hotter colors where there are relatively greater densities of webpage uses of that phrase for a given date.

  • MAXMIND: MaxMind is a company that specializes in IP address geolocation. They have developed a very large database of IP addresses and the corresponding geographic addresses. With a downloaded copy of the database, we take the list of web pages IP addresses that have been selected in the keyword search and pull out the matching geographic address. Every month, MaxMind releases an updated database that we download and begin using. After testing a few different companies, MaxMind seemed to be the best option for our project as opposed to IP2Location, GeoBytes, or any other database.