May 24-28 2012 – Dr. Brian Spitzberg Speaks in International Communication Association Conference, Phoenix, AZ

2012, May 24-28, Phoenix, AZ. Dr. Brian Spitzberg. International Communication Association Conference “The map is not which territory?: Speculating on the geo-spatial diffusion of ideas in the Arab Spring of 2011” . (link to PDF).

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May 14-18 2012 – Dr.Tsou Speaks in Digital Earth Symposium (TIDES 2012), Taipei, Taiwan

2012, May 14-18, Taipei, Taiwan. The 8th Annual International Digital Earth Symposium (TIDES 2012). Dr. Ming-Hsiang Tsou, keynote speaker: “Mapping Social Media and Diffusion of Innovations on Digital Earth: Revealing the Invisible World”. (link to PDF) “Research Challenges and Opportunities for Geospatial Cyberinfrastructure andMapping Cyberspace”. (link to PDF).

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