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This project is a mutidisciplinary collaboration with Dr. Ming-Hsiang Tsou (Geography), Dr. Dipak K Gupta (Political Science), Dr. Jean Marc Gawron (Linguistic), Dr. Brian Spitzberg (Communication) and Dr. Li An (Geography), all from San Diego State University. NSF Award Link

Project Abstract:

The project integrates geographic information systems (GIS), geographic information science (GIScience), computational linguistics (CL), and spatial web (computer-based ontology) technologies to track and analyze public-accessible websites for progressively more defined clusters of words and phrases that characterize actual and potentially developing networks of social processes. Human and natural crises (e.g., epidemics), and hostile social movements (e.g., militia and hate groups) are examined as illustrative exemplars of the utility of such an integrated system. Website pages and web contents with identified clusters of words or phrases will be mapped (by geo-referencing their web addresses, URL, place names, gazetteers, blogs, etc.) over a world map (using GIS tools) with time stamps. The resulting map will provide a visual “information landscape” consisting of hundreds of website locations (using real world coordinate systems) containing related keywords or similar ideas. When integrated with time-series analyses, this map will allow examination of the paths and speed of information dissemination, as well as the evolving varieties of various ideas and their relationships (credit anli). By creating a Visualizing Information Space In Ontological Networks (VISION) prototype, researchers can visualize the spread of concepts, ideas and news over time and space. Clusters of keywords and phrases will be identified and classified, and references to key ideas, provocative events, and important text sources will be collected. This innovative methodology could be applied in multiple languages and other applications, such as cellular phone text messages and social network messages (such as twitter messages).

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